"He has no choice but to deploy"



Military life is hard on a marriage.  Melissa McCabe knows bcause she is wife to Delta Unit's Master Sergeant Brandon McCabe. He has a heartless mistress,  the US Marine Corps - who accepts no infidelity.


Melissa thought she had sailed through the hard knocks of being a military wife, but how wrong she was.  Brandon is off to war again and it's tearing her apart knowing he will be facing violent life-and-death situations, to kill or be killed, because she has a secret.  But if she tells him, will the news distract her husband, making him lose focus and endangering his life?


The US Marine Corps is what Brandon is made of and he has bloodied hands and boots to prove it.  He has no choice but to deploy, but he senses something is wrong with Melissa - and she isn't talking.


Once she shares what she knows, can she go on alone to face a bleak, empty life without him if he doesn't return? Can she find the courage to move on to the next chapter of their future?

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Let Him Come Home

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